Hu-Friedy Gracey Curettes with handle #6

Hu-Friedy Gracey Curettes with handle #6

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 Gracey Curettes with handle #6

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Qty Image Curettes Size Price
Gracey Curettes 1/2 (SG1/2) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG3/4) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG5/6) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG7/8) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG9/10) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG11/12) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG13/14) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG15/16) ₹1,845.00
Gracey Curettes (SG17/18) ₹2,210.00

 Gracey Curettes with handle #6

Gracey curettes are designed to adapt to a specific area or tooth surface. Hu-Friedy manufactures a variety of Gracey styles and patterns, such as After Five® curettes with a longer terminal shank and thinned blade, Mini Five® curettes with After Five®.

ORIGINAL HuFriedy instrument made in USA

Available in Two variants:

1.  STANDARD with handle #6 

2.  EVEREDGE with handle#9 (Premium series)


  • Offset blade provides a perfect working angulation for the tooth surface.
  • Offset blade angulation means only the lower cutting edge of each blade is used.
  • .


Product Quality Guarantee, Limited Lifetime Warranty
Except for products with their own warranties, Hu-Friedy instruments have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and Hu-Friedy will, at its option, repair or replace any product that fails as a result of any such defect. Hu-Friedy guarantees against breakage, joint failure, and corrosion under normal use. Instruments that show expected wear under ordinary use are not considered to be defective. Instrument "lifetime" means the ordinary expected life, which varies by type of instrument. Please call Hu-Friedy Technical Services at 1-888-TEC-TECH (1-888-832-8324) with questions about the expected life of any specific instrument type. Modifying or retipping an instrument or failure to provide proper instrument care, including proper cleaning and maintenance, may void this warranty. Sharpening and repairing minor tip damage are considered routine maintenance with normal use, and are not covered by warranty.


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