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Sun Medical SEcure Resin Cement

₹4,380.00 ₹5,500.00

SEcure is a self-etching, dual-cure resin cement for onlays, inlays, crowns and bridges. It contains 4-META*, a high performance adhesive monomer that creates excellent bonds to dentin and enamel by virtue of formation of a hybrid layer. Chemically SEcure is a resin cement and thus water resistant. Removal of excess resin is quick and easy. The cem..


Sun Medical BONDFIL Dual Cure

₹10,610.00 ₹14,000.00

Resin CementBondfill DUAL is a unique dual cure, self adhesive resin for fewer steps restorations. The cured Bondfill DUAL is resilient, so it endures complicated stress better where regular resin composite pops out easily.Bondfill DUAL, modified by adding photoinitiator to Bonfill SB (self cure, self adhesive resin), cures faster by light irradiat..



₹830.00 ₹1,400.00

SUN MEDICAL FANTASISTA- Resin-based Composite The inorganic filler loading is 53.0 vol% with a particle size range of 0.02 to 5.0 μm. Fantasista contains UDMA and TEGDMA.Fantasista’s unique four-part filler technology creates a strong, wear-resistant restorative with a chameleon-like ability to mimic the surrounding tooth shade.ADVANTAGES..


Sun Medical HYBRID BOND one

₹2,170.00 ₹4,000.00

Sun Medical HYBRID BOND One-Bonding Agent-   New Hybrid Bond is a single-bottle, self-etching, self-priming, light-cured dentin bonding system. It does not require acid-etching of dentin or cut enamel surfaces before use.* It is suitable for use with directly applied composite resins and can be cured by any light-curing devices...


Sun Medical Metafil CX

₹830.00 ₹1,400.00

Metafil CX is a visible light cure, tooth shade composite resin using a unique organic filler which is reactive with the polymer matrix. This feature gives the finished restoration greater resilience and wear resistance. Because of good flow characteristics and minimal stickiness, Metafil CX is easy to place even in the most difficult situations. S..



₹830.00 ₹1,400.00

Sun Medical METAFIL FLO:.This feature enables direct injection into the cavity without instrumentation, and gives the finished restoration radio-opacity and wear-resistance. ADVANTAGES:Excellent polishabilityLow water sorptionMinimal wearINDICATIONS:Direct Restoration for minimal Class IPit & Fissure SealantRepair of small defects in Ceram..


Sun Medical Super Bond Brush Dip Starter Kit

₹5,010.00 ₹7,500.00

Sun Medical Super Bond Brush Dip Starter Kit..


Sun Medical SUPER BOND C&B

₹9,890.00 ₹14,000.00

Super-Bond C&B is a self-cure dental adhesive system containing 4-META/MMA-TBB. It has been on the market for about 3 decades and has earned an exceptional reputation for bond to enamel, dentin and other materials, margin-sealability and pulpal compatibility. ADVANTAGES:Long lasting retention of Indirect RestorationActs as Synthetic Enamel..


Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Monomer (10ml)

₹2,255.00 ₹2,800.00

Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Monomer (10ml)\Monomer Liquid..


Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Polymer L- Rediopaque (5gm)

₹1,020.00 ₹1,250.00

Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Polymer L- Redio-opaque (5gm) - Refil Radio-opaque Powder..


Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Polymer L-Clear (3GM)

₹1,200.00 ₹1,800.00

Sun Medical Super Bond C&B Polymer L-Clear (3GM) - Refil Polymer Powder..


Sun Medical Universal Ceramic Primer

₹5,010.00 ₹6,500.00

Ceramic PrimerADVANTAGES:Designed for all types of ceramic and zirconiaAssured bonding performanceExcellent quality stabilityINDICATION:For Zirconia For Conventional CeramicsKEY SPECIFICATIONS: Past history of sensitivitySuper-Bond Universal Ceramic Primer should not be used by clinicians / technicians or on patients who are methacrylic m..


Sun Medical Universal Restorative Kit

₹6,890.00 ₹10,000.00

Sun Medical Universal Restorative Kit - Composite KitA Blend of esthetics & strength in One kitIts a combination of Esthetics and Strength in one kit i.e Universal Restorative Kit incorporating:Fantasista: A Universal Nano CompositeMetafil Flo: A Tough Thixotropic & Radiopaque Flowable.INDICATIONS:Class I-V CavitiesDirect Ven..


Sun Medical V-Primer

₹1,790.00 ₹2,500.00

Sun Medical V-Primer - Metal PrimerV-PRIMER is a one-component primer for bonding to precious metals (including Au/Ag/Pd alloys). It is based on the newly developed adhesive monomer called "VTD"*, a derivative of triazine dithiol. To improve the bond durability to precious alloy, simply coat the metal surface with V-PRIMER prior to applying Su..

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