Leone 3D Screw for Lower Arch 1/pk - A0932-13

₹1,345.00 ₹1,400.00

Leone 3D Screw for Lower Arch01PC EACH..


Leone Asymmetric Fan-Type Screw 1/pk

₹570.00 ₹700.00

Leone Asymmetric Fan-Type Screw The assortment of special expansion screws proposed by Leone derives from over 30 year experience in the manufacture of expansion screws. The screw selection ranges from the Pagani’s classical fan type screw to the Bertoni’s three directional one, or screws with acrylic friction. The special purpose expansion sc..


Leone Autoclavable Lip Retractor 1 Pair - P3000-01

₹2,500.00 ₹2,700.00

Well tolerated by patient, it allows an excellent visibility and ease of use. The plastic retractors are connected by a sturdy steel bridge which does not interfere with the field of vision. Necessary with the direct bonding technique and for taking oral photographs. Autoclavable...


Leone Crimpable Hooks for Arch 019 x 025 10/pk - G9019-25

₹2,070.00 ₹2,400.00

Leone Crimpable hooks are used for the application of intra and extraoral forces on arch wires .019" x .025" in extra spring hard hard ans super hard treated stainless steel...


Leone Edgewise Brackets WH3,5 20pcs/set (Made By Leone For Libral India Only)

₹2,400.00 ₹2,500.00

Leone Edgewise Brackets WH3,5 20pcs/setStandard metal brackets are brazed with a special palladium base alloy to 80 gauge mesh sintered pads to assure high bond strength to the tooth with any kind of adhesive. Bonding pads are anatomically contoured for a perfect fi t to the tooth. Brackets with hook are manufactured with MIM® (Metal Injection Moul..


Leone Expansion Swiel Key 10/pk - A0558-00

₹1,000.00 ₹1,300.00

Used for activation of rapid expander. Packaged in bag of 10 PCS...


Leone Extraoral Elastics 100/pk

₹250.00 ₹350.00

Cut from pure surgical latex. Packs of 1 bag with 100 elastics approx.Note :- Strong 8 oz - 224 gExtra strong - 14 oz - 392 g..


Leone Extremo Bondable Buttons

₹848.00 ₹950.00

Bondable ButtonsSingle Piece Buttons Manufactured with MIM technology in biocompatible alloy with a very low nickel content. The Extremo No-Nickel Base, anatomical and with micro highly retentive cavities, perfectly fits the on tooth and ensures an excellent bond with the use of any kind of adhesives.Packaging :Pack Of 10..


Leone F1000 Self Ligating Bracket - Damon Prescription

₹5,150.00 ₹12,250.00

D.B self-ligating brackets with identification FDI (Patented)The diagonal bracket configuration and the pentagonal pad design make the alignment with the crown-long axis intuitive: the positioning on the tooth will result as accurate as the conventional brackets. Torque-in-base ensures the delivery of the single forces and torque movements on the d..


Leone Facebow with Loops 045 Short 1/pk

₹572.00 ₹700.00

Leone Facebow with Loops 045 ShortCompletely made of biomedical stainless steel wire, 1,80 mm in diameter, with single piece inner bow, 1,14 mm (.045") in diameter. Breakage resistant laser welded bow and bite joints, 0,5 mm thick, with total absence of solder, to prevent from eventual allergic reactions due to the presence of two metals. Bright el..


Leone Facemask Delaire 1/pk

₹2,145.00 ₹2,800.00

FacemaskUsed for treatment of maxillary insufficiencies, prognathism of the mandible and cleft palate.Reverse orthopaedic pull between maxilla and mandible facilitates orthodontic treatment afterwards.Made of stainless steel wire and non toxic acrylic, it can be adaptable to perform any individual size requirement with vertical or horizontal adjust..


Leone Facemask Dynamic Vertical Adjustable 1/pk

₹7,195.00 ₹8,700.00

Used for treatment of maxillary insufficiencies, prognathism of the mandible and cleft palate. Reverse orthopaedic pull between maxilla and mandible facilitates orthodontic treatment afterwards. Made of stainless steel wire and non toxic acrylic, it can be adaptable to perform any individual size requirement with vertical or horizontal adjustment. ..


Leone Flat Woven Wire for Retainer 1.5m

₹2,390.00 ₹2,550.00

Leone Flat Woven Wire for RetainerIdeal to get minimally invasive and resistant splinting. The high plasticity of the wire permits the exact fit to the anatomy of the tongue while  its woven geomerty favors the union with the composite..


Leone Gloss For Plaster Models 500 Ml - R4520-00

₹2,100.00 ₹2,300.00

Gloss for Plaster ModelsIt is necessary to use a good ortho plaster but also a good final model gloss to obtain a well-made study model.This model gloss provides polish surfaces with fine details and protects them over the time.Packaging:500ml..


Leone Headgear Highpull

₹1,248.00 ₹1,600.00

High Pull.Use with safety release springs module only.It fits onto safety hooks of spring modeules.Made of 100% Cotton, hypoallergenic  washable with comfortable padding.Available in 3 sizes & 2 colours to provide patient's pyschological compliance.Pack of 1 pc.PACKAGING:1 Piece..


Leone Headgear with chin Cap 1/PK

₹3,450.00 ₹4,000.00

For correction of Class III malocclusions with prognathism of the mandible. Headgear and elastic tractions are fully adaptable; the chin cap in natual leather assures an ideal fit to any face.PACKAGING:1Pc..


Leone Hyrex with Orthogonal Arms 12mm

₹1,500.00 ₹1,700.00

Hyrex with Orthogonal Arms 12mm..


Leone Hyrex with Telescopic Guides 1 Pc

₹1,500.00 ₹1,700.00



Leone Leaf Springs 10 Mm Med 900 G.

₹1,800.00 ₹1,900.00

MEMORIA® LEAF SPRING ACTIVATED EXPANDERThis device is an evolution in the design of the previous spring-loaded expander,designed with technical and scientific collaboration of Dr. Claudio Lanteri and Mr. Filippo Francolini. This new expander features a small size body, and it is equipped with two Nickel Titanium MEMORIA® leaf springs allowing the r..


Leone Leowire Round Spring Hard Wire 1800/2000 N/mm²

₹1,499.00 ₹2,000.00

Spring Hard Wire 1800/2000 N/mm²Leowire round spring hard wire are Chromium stainless steel alloy. Diamond drawn to obtain highly resistant and stainless levelled surfaces. Suitable for all orthodontic applications. Available in many sizes in standard and laboratory spools.Packaging :1 Spool ..

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