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Carestream (Kodak) Opg Extraoral Films

₹3,055.00 ₹4,100.00

Carestream OPG Extraoral film provides high-contrast and detailed images of intervening tooth structures. It has good soft tissue visibility when used with LANEX regular or medium screens. OPG films are available in two sizes- (i) 12.7x30.5cm (ii) 15x30cmSEY SPECIFICATIONS: High contrast Available in 6x12 & 5x12 Good image detail..


Carestream Insight Ip-01 Pedo X-Ray Film

₹3,295.00 ₹3,200.00

The standard for intraoral film, Insight Dental film is a true F-speed film that requires up to 60% less radiation per exposure.FEATURESDelivers excellent and consistent image quality through exclusive T-Grain emulsion technologyLowers patient and staff radiation exposure without sacrificing image resolutionNeeds no continual equipment adjustments ..


CARESTREAM KODAK RVG 5200 DIGITAL Radiography system

₹129,900.00 ₹165,000.00

Kodak CARESTREAM RVG 5200 Digital Radiography SystemThe Kodak RVG 5200 system lets you capture and analyze high quality digital radiographs quickly and easily. Like all Kodak Dental Imaging System, it is designed to give you superior results and it is backed up by Kodak expert support team.SpecificationsTrue Image Resolution16 lines/mmActive Area22..


Carestream Occlusal Films

₹3,395.00 ₹4,200.00

Carestream Occlusal FilmsFEATURES:The occlusal view reveals the skeletal or pathological anatomy of either the floor of the mouth or the palate.The occlusal film, which is about three to four times the size of the film used to take a periapical or bitewing, is inserted into the mouth so as to entirely separate the maxillary and mandibular teet..


Kodak Carestream X Ray Film E Speed

₹2,545.00 ₹3,500.00

Set of 150 IOPA Films KODAKX RAY FILM E SPEEDCapture high-resolution periapical, bite-wing, and occlusal images in a wide range of speeds and sizes for maximum patient comfort and confident diagnosis, with Carestream dental films.Blending quality and speed, E-speed providesbrilliant image clarity with as little as one-halfthe exposure time required..

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