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Ivoclar 10+2 Offer On Tetric N Ceram Composite Syringe

₹9,990.00 ₹16,416.00

Buy 10 Tetric n Ceram nano hybride composite syringe(Ivoclar vivadent) and get 2 syringes absolutely FREE. Shades4 - A12- B22- A24- A3 The composite restorative Tetric N-Ceram incorporates state-of-the-art nano-hybrid technology.Tetric N-Ceram from Ivoclar Vivadent is a light-curing, radiopaque dental restorative which is based on nano-hy..


Ivoclar Apexcal

₹1,390.00 ₹1,750.00

The creamy ApexCal calcium hydroxide paste is used to place temporary disinfectant dressings in the obturation of root canals. ApexCal can also be used in indirect and direct pulp capping. ADVANTAGESTime-saving direct applicationEasy removal, as the material does not set when in placeHigh radiopacity (400% Al) INDICATIONApplied as a tempo..


Ivoclar Apexit Plus 1 Syringe Pack

₹3,590.00 ₹3,150.00

Apexit Plus is a radiopaque, non-shrinking root canal sealer paste that is based on calcium hydroxide. It is used for the permanent Apexit Plus by Ivoclar Vivadent is a root canal sealer containing calcium hydroxide. It is non-shrinking and radiopaque making it suitable for the permanent obturation of root canals. It can be used in conjunction..


Ivoclar Applicators Refill

₹115.00 ₹200.00

Micro Applicators are non-linting and non-absorbent with featured bendable handle.Designed for precision placement of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions.Facilitates the proper placement of materials into difficult to reach areas.Available in White colorWide handle with webbing for better handlingN..


Ivoclar Astrobrush

₹5,720.00 ₹5,724.00

This shape is suited for polishing anterior and cervical restorations, occlusal surfaces and for removing stains near the gingiva in confined areas.Regular CupThis shape is used for polishing large posterior restoration surfaces and for removing stains.PointThis brush is suitable for polishing occlusal fissures and proximal areas.Features:High-glos..


Ivoclar Astropol Assortment Pack

₹5,790.00 ₹7,668.00

Indications:-made of composite material and amalgam.Astropol FFinisher (grey) for the removal of excess composite material fromproximal and occlusal surfacesAstropol PPolisher (green) for polishing composite and Ceromer materialsAstropol HPHigh-gloss polisher (pink) for final high-gloss Shapes:-Small flameLarge flameCupDisc Delivery form:..


Ivoclar Bluephase N M

₹32,990.00 ₹48,149.00

As a result, the dentist enjoys absolute freedom of movement in the dental practice. A light intensity of 800 mW/cm2and three adjustable curing times ensure efficient and reliable operation. The polymerization light is suitable for light-curing dental materials in the wavelength range of 430 – 490 nm. AdvantagesFor all indications due to conti..


Ivoclar Bluephase Style

₹97,090.00 ₹110,095.00

LED Curing LightBluephase Style represents the latest in LED curing light technology.  With patented Polywave technology to cure all dental materials, a newly designed light probe for easy access to posterior teeth and the option to be used cordless or corded, Bluephase Style provides the ultimate curing experience for you and your patients.Bl..


Ivoclar Cavifil Injector

₹2,095.00 ₹2,700.00

The Cavifil Injector allows molars at the back of the oral cavity to be reached comfortably.Depending on the position of the jaw and cavity, the capsules containing the restorative materials – known as Cavifils – can be turned 360° in the injector.In addition, high-viscosity materials can be dispensed with ease because of the high transmission rati..


Ivoclar Cention N

₹2,695.00 ₹3,630.00

Cention N is a radiopaque, self-curing filling material with light-curing option, which releases fluoride, calcium and hydroxide ions. It is suitable for use as a full volume replacement material in restorations for Class I, II and V cavities. Cention N can be optionally cured with light in the wavelength range of 400–500 nm.Cention ..


Ivoclar Ceramic Repair N Kit

₹7,495.00 ₹10,486.00

Ceramic &Composite Restorations RepairComprehensive set for intraoral repairs of ceramic and composite restorations.This comprehensive system comprises the necessary bonding and veneering materials. The set contains only light-curing single-component materials and therefore eliminates certain tasks such as mixing. The entire set ..


Ivoclar Eco-Etch

₹490.00 ₹530.00

Phosphoric acid gelIndication:Eco-Etch is used in the total-etch technique in combination withTe-Econom Bond.PACKAGING:2 x 2gm syringe..


Ivoclar Email Preparator Blue

₹635.00 ₹734.00

Indication:Enamel etching and dentin conditioning for sealants, compositerestorations, and for the adhesive cementation of restorations. Advantages:Micro-interlocking of Heliobond bonding agent with the etchedenamelThe material flows well into the fissures due to the low viscosityReliable retention of the sealant, composite, and the seatedrest..


Ivoclar Fluor Protector (Pack Of 40)

₹1,990.00 ₹3,000.00

 It dries quickly and shows excellent adhesion to teeth. Many years of clinical experience and numerous international studies confirm the effectiveness of Fluor Protector. Fluor Protector is suitable for treating children, adolescents and adults. Given its fluoride content, it is even suitable for treating pre-schoolers.The protective action o..


Ivoclar Fluor Protector N

₹5,890.00 ₹5,990.00

Innovative formula; economical delivery form; suitable for children and adults. Indications:Build-up of acid resistance of dental enamelLong-term caries preventionTreatment of sensitivity after tooth whiteningAdvantages:Higher concentration after settingReady for immediate use; effective fluoridationEasy to dispense; optimum price perform..


Ivoclar Frc Postec Plus Intro Pack

₹13,990.00 ₹15,500.00

FRC Postec Plus is a glass fibre-reinforced post that offers a high radiopacity similar to that of metal posts. The FRC Postec Plus system consists of light-transmitting glass fibre-reinforced composite posts in three sizes and includes three purpose-designed stainless steel reamers for the preparation of the recipient site of the post.The inn..


Ivoclar Frc Postec Plus Refill Pack

₹3,890.00 ₹4,535.00

FRC Postec Plus is a glass fibre-reinforced post that offers a high radiopacity similar to that of metal posts. The FRC Postec Plus system consists of light-transmitting glass fibre-reinforced composite posts in three sizes and includes three purpose-designed stainless steel reamers for the preparation of the recipient site of the post.The inn..


Ivoclar Helioseal F - Refill

₹1,205.00 ₹1,300.00

Helioseal Clear is a light-curing, transparent fissure sealant. The low viscosity of Helioseal Clear ensures optimum esthetic results and easy monitoring of fissures.IndicationTo seal pits, fissures, and Foramina Caeca AdvantagesEasy to check for changes under sealantLow viscosity Benefits for the practice team Effective protection a..


Ivoclar Heliosit Orthodontic(Set Of 3)

₹4,890.00 ₹5,940.00

After the enamel has been etched with phosphoric acid (37%), Heliosit Orthodontic is applied to establish a sound bond (metal and ceramic surfaces have to be pre-treated according to manufacturer's directions). Advantages: No dosing, no mixingBrackets can be placed on the tooth surfaces without time pressuredue to the light-curing propert..


Ivoclar Ips Empress Direct Opaque Syringe

₹3,790.00 ₹4,158.00

Indications:Exposed metal surfaces when repairing damaged ceramic or compositeveneers intraorallydiscoloured tooth structure.Features:The ideal complement to the IPS Empress SystemUniversal opaque shade, no shade matching required.Packaging:1 x 1.8 g syringe..

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