Orthocare Dental Vibrator - Lab

₹5,380.00 ₹6,500.00

OrthoCare Dental Vibrator - lab With 5 Speed Vibration control, Helps to work effectively for pouring bubble free Models. Non sticky removable rubber top is easy to remove & clean...


Orthocare Dental Vibrator - Mini

₹4,070.00 ₹5,000.00

OrthoCare Dental Vibrator - mini : Variable speed control offers greater flexibility when mixing and pouring stone, investment and impression material. Rubber top (Size 6.5"×5.5") is easy to remove & clean..


Orthocare Denture Box Deluxe 10/Pk

₹330.00 ₹450.00

OrthoCare Denture Box Deluxe  Can hold full/ partial dentures of patients. Can also hold bionators, crozats, frankels, large double retainers and more.Packaging:Pk/10..


OrthoCare Electro Polishing Unit with Liquid 500 ML

₹16,950.00 ₹26,500.00

OrthoCare Electro Polishing Unit with Liquid 500 MLOrthoCare Electro Polishing Unit with Liquid 500 ML To clean & recondition stainless steel parts.The newly designed microprocessor-based electro polisher with an additional warmer option provides better results than traditional electro polisher.   INDICATION - Used in making..


Orthocare Head Gear With Chin Cap

₹1,820.00 ₹2,800.00

Head Gear With Chin Cap - extraoral AppliancesOrthocare Head Gear with Chin Cap High-pull instant-fit headgear with chin cap.The objective of this headgear is to oppose a Class III growth tendency or to provide retention subsequent to a Class III correction.The action of this headgear exhibits force componets carried to the chin and directed poster..


Orthocare High Pull Head Gear Strap

₹597.00 ₹800.00

High Pull Head Gear Strap - Extraoral ApplianceA high pull headgear is usually used with braces, with a strap that is fit to the top of the head and another part that attaches to the braces. It is a way to direct force upward on the teeth and/or jaw. An example of a situation where a high pull headgear could be used is when the upper front teeth an..


Orthocare Manual Syringe Cutter Cum Needle Burner (Electrical)

₹2,535.00 ₹4,000.00

DescriptionOrthocare Manual Syringe Cutter Cum Needle Burner (Electrical)OrthoCare Manual Syringe Cutter Cum Needle Burner (Electrical) Compact, easily portable, safe and cost effective system which can conveniently destroy the used Needles and syringes instantly with  inbuilt burner and hardened SS hard chromed blade.  The device is &nbs..


Orthocare Orthodontic tooth Brush With Spiral

₹55.00 ₹450.00

OrthoCare Orthodontic tooth Brush with Spiral  A professionally designed toothbrush specially for Orthodontic Patients. Round Dupont Bristles specially designed to effectively clean around braces & other orthodontic appliances. Long outer bristles gently massage the gums and clean tooth surfaces while removing plague from gum line. Spiral ..


Orthocare Spot Welder - Mini

₹7,690.00 ₹9,500.00

OrthoCare Spot Welder - Mini OrthoCare Spot Welder - Mini. INDICATION - Used for orthodontic molar Band Welding. ADVANTAGES - OrthoCare Spot Welder - Mini Low and High welding temperature setting.All switches on the front panel for easy operation.Perfectly matching electrodes in 2 different shapes.Features :LED base five differe..


Orthocare Spot Welder - Regular

₹8,950.00 ₹10,000.00

OrthoCare Spot Welder - Regular LED base five different welding temperature settings. Both welding and soldering operation in one unit. All switches on front panel for easy operation. Perfectly matching electrodes in 4 different shapes...



₹399.00 ₹450.00

"No Returns Applicable Product "OrthoCare Sym Grids Light Weight and Excellent transparency Allow easy customization of Stainless steel & TMA arch wiresPackaging:Pk/1..


Orthocare Tooth Extraction Box for kids 10/Pk

₹99.00 ₹250.00

OrthoCare Tooth Extraction Box - An Effective gift for paedo patients after extraction of their first milk teeth...

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