Denext 1 Second Curing Light

Denext 1 Second Curing Light

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 1 Second Curing Light

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 1 Second Curing Light

    • DENEXT 1 LED introduces LED Curing Light with Photometer with finest technology.
    • This LED Curing Light has been designed after thorough research from conventional light cure units.
    • Neverthless, the intensity of the light is ideal for curing the dental restorative material with optimum wavelength.

    Daily used for:-

    • Curing Light cure Composite or Glass Ionomer.
    • For bleaching procedure.


    • Parameters Package: 270 x 190 x 80mm.
    • Gross Weight: 0.70kg.
    • Input Voltage: 110V-240V AC, 50-60Hz.
    • Output Voltage: DC 12V.
    • Battery: Lithium -ion battery.
    • Capability of Battery: 2200mAh.
    • Battery Voltage: 3.7V.
    • Suitable temp: 5°C ~ 50°C.
    • Relative Humidity: Less than or equal to 80%.
    • Solidify time & depth: 5s/3mm.
    • Light Wavelength: 420-480nm.


  • Wireless LED Light Cure Unit with Photometer to check for the intensity of the light.
  • The battery can be replaced.
  • High quality LED Light Cure Unit.
  • Comfortable grip suiting the ergonomics.
  • Four working modes.
  • Time setting: 5s 10s 15s 20s 25s 30s 35s 40s.
  • A full charge can be used for over 200 times (10 s/time).
  • Constant light intensity, the solidification effect is stable even the battery power decrease.


  • 1 x LED curing light unit.
  • 1 x Light cure probe.
  • 1 x Power Adapter.
  • 1 x Light sheilding barrier.
  • 1 x Bleaching Probe.
  • Instruction Manual.

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