Anabond Blu-Bite

₹750.00 ₹1,200.00

Light Cure Radiopaque Composite ANABOND BLU-BITELight Cure Radiopaque Composite for Posterior Bite Raise in OrthodonticsINDICATION:For posterior bite resin.FEATURES:Ideal consistencyEasy application with twist syringe.Blue coloured composite ensures no loss of tooth structure while removing.RadiopaqueExcellent wear resistancePackaging:1 x 4 g ..


Anabond Eazetch + Two Cannulas

₹218.00 ₹243.00

Etchant gel with 37% phosphoric acid. Enamel & Dentine etchant in 5g syringe with 2 cannulas FEATURES:Ease of applicationNo residual left overPackaging:5g syringe with cannula..

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Anabond Endoprep-Rc

₹358.00 ₹400.00

Root Canal Conditioner ( EDTA 15% + Carbamide peroxide 10 %) FEATURES:Lubricates the canal for easy instrumentingRemoves calcificationsFlushes out debris and removes smear layer from canal walls INDICATION:For Chemo-mechanical preperation of Root CanalsPackaging:2 syringes x 3.6g (5 ml) with 5 applicator tips..


Anabond-Stedman Germafin

₹470.00 ₹330.00

Surface DisinfectantEffective against Bacteria, Fungi and VirusesImmediate as well as Persistent Anti-Microbial ActivityConvenient Spray DispenserAldehyde-freePleasant fragranceIdeal for disinfection of CountertopsDental ChairsOperating TablesEmergency Trolleys, etcFor Rapid Surface Disinfection2-Propanol 70% v/v + Benzalkonium Chloride 0.5% w..


Anabond-Stedman Yuseal Pit & Fissure Sealant

₹745.00 ₹800.00

Pit &Fissure Sealant With Unique CHROMA Technology Unique CHROMA technology Yuseal is PINK when uncured and changes to OPAQUE WHITE when light-curedAdvantages Thixotropic with ideal viscosityFlows easily into pits & fissureDoes not run after placement Superior adaptation Least microleakage&n..


Life Steriware Autoclave + UV Chamber (Free Surface Disinfector)

₹11,745.00 ₹13,500.00

Life Autoclave + UV Chamber [SteriCab] NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTSLIFE DENTAL AUTOCLAVE & UV CABINETSteriClave & SteriCab Combo Life Top loading Autoclave with 60-minute Rotary TimerCapacity - 11 litersDrum Size: 8 x 8 inchesLife Steriware Stericab Ultra Violet Storage Cabinet (Wall Mountable) is a compact ultraviolet storag..

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