3m Unitek Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets 5x5 with hook Patient kit

3m Unitek Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets 5x5 with hook Patient kit

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Brands 3M Unitek
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Mbt - 0.018 (006-103) ₹10,000.00
Mbt - 0.018 (006-100) ₹15,525.00
Mbt - 0.022 (006-110) ₹15,525.00
Through the combination of progressive technology and state-of-the-artdesign, Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets deliver brilliant aesthetics, small design, predictable debonding and enhanced patient comfort. And, they are available with unique APC Flash-Free Adhesive, to make the bonding experience faster and more efficient than ever before. These advanced features enable you to offer the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance to your patients.



  • Let your patients smile shine through in every way with Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets. These ultra-small translucent brackets are made ofan innovative, ceramic material which gives an attractive appearance. They are designed to blend with ones natural tooth color, and they will resist staining and discoloration over the course of the patients treatment.And you can also choose our tooth colored ligature ties to blend in even more.
  • Trusted Strength and Small Bracket Design.
  • Showcasing a fine-grained ceramic material and created through an injection-molding process, Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets offer trusted strength in a small size and lowest profiles in the industry. Additionally, Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets offer ample under tie-wing space, allowing for flexible treatment and ligation options.



  • Take the uncertainty out of the ceramic bracket debonding process with our unique stress concentrator, a hallmark of the Clarity brand. This innovative design feature allows for mesial-distal debonding with a simple squeeze, so you can debond with confidence.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort.
  • It can mean so many things to young patients and adults wearing braces. With Clarity ADVANCED Brackets, its the comfort that comes with a patient-focused, dome-shaped design and smooth rounded corners from an injection-molding process.The remarkably small bracket also minimizes soft tissue contact and showcases an attractive look that can turn the most self-conscious, tight-lipped patient into someone beaming with pride.

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