Medicept Dental Impress Putty And Kit

Medicept Dental Impress Putty And Kit

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Impress Putty And Kit

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Qty Image Kit Type Price
Impress Putty ₹1,595.00
Impress Lite Light Body ₹645.00
Impress Putty + Activator ₹2,208.00
Impress Putty + Activator + Light Body ₹2,795.00

Impress Putty And Kit


  • High precision dental impression C-silicone, multi purpose, eg. for the onestep and two-step putty-wash techniques, preliminary impression material for corrections of preparations, overimpression of copperband impressions, for anatomical or reline impressions and bite wafers.Color-Safety-System allows visual check of measuring and mixing. Patient-friendly, fresh spearmint flavour. Very high consistency, kneadable, dimensionally stable, soft smooth initial consistency, ideal 70 Shore A final hardness

Key Specifications :

High precision impression material, multi purpose
 Patient-friendly, fresh spearmint flavour
 Very high consistency, kneadable, dimensionally stable
 Color-Safety-System allows visual check of measuring and mixing

Packaging :

1 x 900mL

1 x 150ml Light Body

1 x 900ml Putty + Activator

1 x 900ml Putty

Manufacturer Details :

Medicept Dental India Pvt Ltd 501 Bhakti Park RHB Road MulundW Mumbai Maharastra 400080 India

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